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Do you have a distributor in Australia and/or in New Zealand?

L&G import Export offers its expertise in searching and selecting brands from Europe for the Australian and the New Zealand markets
Our growing PORTFOLIO currently includes the Italian quality brand of motor scooters apparel Tucano Urbano and the Italian motorcycle specialised and clothing brand T.UR.
We SELECT our brands after a careful ANALYSIS of the Australian market which we know intimately as we both have been living here for more than 25 years.
To effectively achieve this goal a deep analysis of the Australian and New Zealand retail landscapes takes place for several months to eventually identify and secure the support of the best fitting retail outfit for every single brand
Following the selection of the brand, L&G negotiates EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO IMPORT and distribute the goods in these territories and creates a powerful and specific social media campaign to promote and introduce these new brands.
Finally L&G offers its services relying on an open and honest communication with its suppliers and retailers in order to establish and grow a mutually beneficial and long term relationship.

MEET the L&G Team


Lionello’s bio

Lionello is from Aosta, a small town on the Italian border with France and Switzerland.
He’s been in Melbourne since the year 2000 and has had several businesses mainly in hospitality from which he’s gained important understanding of commerce and priceless learning of human behaviour.
Lionello is fairly ambitious and he wants to express his talents and capabilities in business to set and to establish nourishing and empowering relationships with everyone around him.
His strengths are an unwavering commitment to deliver the most satisfying experience to our clients together with meticulous attention to detail and strong leadership in implementing L&G strategy.
Finally Lionello has great admiration and respect for Gianluca with whom gets along very well as both enjoy a frank a real exchange of opinions and trust.


Gianluca’s bio

Gianluca is from Milan and he decided to come to Australia when he was 21.
Soon after arriving he chose Melbourne as his new home and while living here he traveled to Asia and to Europe. During his trips overseas Gianluca understood how multicultural Australia is and how every ethnic group has something important to offer.
Meeting Lionello gave him the possibility to evolve his interest in products not yet present in Australia into a real business.
The respect and trust for his business partner Lionello together with the understanding of Australia growing economy convinced him to create L&G Import Export.
Gianluca’s  other passion is fitness and body building which he has practiced also professionally winning 4 times at national level in Italy.

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